Hermie’s Story


Hermie Sadler is a life-long Virginian, business owner, advocate and former NASCAR Driver. Born and raised in Emporia, Hermie and his brother, Elliott, raced go-karts their entire lives, following their passion to professional careers in race car driving. After earning a Bachelors in Industrial Relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Hermie had his NASCAR debut in 1992, winning the NASCAR Busch Series “Rookie of the Year” Award.

Competing in 66 NASCAR Cup Series and over 250 Busch Series races, Hermie's sponsors included the Virginia State Lottery and Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore. Hermie founded his own NASCAR Team in 2001 before joining FOX NASCAR as a pit reporter.


Hermie married his wife and business partner Angie in 1996, and has three children. Their middle daughter, Halie, was diagnosed with autism in 2001, and Hermie has dedicated his life to increasing autism awareness and championing children with special needs. In 2008, he and his brother launched the Hermie and Elliott Sadler Foundation, and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support education initiatives and autism research.

Active in Southside Virginia’s business community, Hermie and his sister, Missi, own Sadler Brothers Oil Company, now a third generation business that manages truck stops and convenience stores all across Southside Virginia. Hermie and his wife Angie, own several restaurants in the Emporia area including FOSHO Bar and Grille, Victory Lane Restaurant, and Quiznos. Angie also owns and operates The UPS Store of Emporia.  Combined, The Sadler Family employs over 300 Virginians statewide.  


Hermie continues his passion for go-kart racing by owning Premier Karts and hosting championships for the next generation of racers. 

Hermie along with Senator Bill Stanley, co-hosts the podcast Leaning Right and Turning Left with Sadler and the Senator.

Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

I am a proud son of Southside Virginia, and like many of you, I want my children to have the same blessings of a free and prosperous life that my family built here in small town Emporia for themselves and their children.

In 2021, Virginians in Southside and Hampton Roads sent a message to the insiders in Richmond and Washington, D.C. - we will no longer settle for the status quo politics that has failed our families and businesses. Together, we took a stand to restore the Spirit of Virginia, sending new, conservative leadership to Richmond. Yet Democrats maintain control of the Virginia Senate, and have done everything in their power to obstruct Governor Youngkin’s pro-family, pro-job agenda.

I am a businessman, sportsman, advocate, husband, and father - not a politician. I believe it will take no-nonsense outsiders with real-world business experience to get results and make good on our promises to hard-working Virginians.

This is why I am stepping out of the stands and entering the race to earn your trust and represent our communities in Richmond as your State Senator.

Career politicians are out of touch with the struggles of our families, business owners, and workers, and the Biden Administration's failed policies are making things worse.

The special interests in Richmond ignore our communities. I'm running to ensure our region has a seat at the table. You will not be overlooked when I am your Senator!

Southside Virginia has always been my home, and it’s where Angie and I have raised our three daughters. Halie, our middle child daughter, is on the autism spectrum, and I’ve dedicated to my life to championing children with special needs. I promise to use my voice and office to advocate for meaningful support for special needs families.

Now more than ever, the Senate needs new voices, fighting for the people's priorities and standing firm for the traditional values that flow through Southside Virginia and Hampton Roads.

Join our team today and help me put the pedal to the metal for Virginia.